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The Future of Money is Here!


What is Cryptocurrency?

Technology is changing everything.

Have you heard of Cryptocurrency? Internet Money? or Digital Cash?

You might be thinking “What is Cryptocurrency?” and “Why would I want any?”

Let’s take a look as cryptocurrency is becoming the NEW MONEY and FAST!

First we have to have a problem.

Then someone comes up with a solution and if the solution is popular it grows and gets used. 

If you ever watched Star Trek you would have seen those communication devices.

Well they spawned the creation of the cell phone and today there are over 5 billion in use around the planet.

The newest generation of children was born after the Internet.

They rely completely on the Internet for information and almost everything else.

Let’s face it the future is now!

Well here is another huge problem and that is our current banking and money systems.

They can easily be manipulated are very costly and are constanly losing value.

There are more than 2 and a half billion people on the planet who don’t have access to a bank account but yet have cell phones or Internet access.

Now money, exchange, transparency, integrity have become an important aspect for conducting business.

Add to this efficiency, speed and global access and you quickly see the need for change and the reason behind cryptocurrency. Watch this video ...

The Future of Money

The next video is a must see. It will show you the history of our current money system and make you very aware of the need for change. Now watch this documentary ...

 Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It   

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