YOcoin Community Affiliate

The Future of Money is Here!


The Opportunity

The key to all Cryptocurrencies is the number of transactions that can be validated on the Blockchain.

Currently there are millions and YOcoin is adding many millions more.

Through Direct Sales Marketing YOcoin has rapidly grown to 10's of thousands of Affiliates.

This has placed YOcoin in the top 5 and fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world today.

This is just the beginning.

Well you might be thinking, "where can I use my cryptocurrency?" The answer is almost anywhere. 

There are 100's of thousands of merchants who accept Bitcoin today and there are many platforms where one can exchange any cryptocurrency for Bitcoin or paper money.

Let's really put this opportunity in perspective so that it makes total sense for you.

The First Opportunity

The first opprtunity is to buy and hold YOcoin and as the Network grows the value increases.

We expect it to be similar in growth to Bitcoin and maybe faster as there is more of a market today than there was in 2010.

Here is a chart to give you some ideas as to what could happen based on todays price and value.

YOcoin Compared to Bitocin

If we compare YOcoin to Bitcoin then you can get an idea of the potential for owning YOcoin.

Obviously the lower your initial purchase price the greater growth can occur.

YOcoin has already grown from .01 cents to.20 cents and with over 2000 new members signing up daily you could get some idea of what can happen in the future.

The Second Opportunity

The second aspect of the opportunity is the Direct Sales Component.

You can see the YOcoin Compensation Plan here.

In my opinion this is the perfect concept for the Twenty-First Century Networker/Social Media Entrepreneur.

We are creating the Market Place along with the Users and therefore assisting in the establishment of the value.

You can earn commissions in cash and YOcoin when you get others to join.

There are no sign up fees, no monthly purchase requirements.

All you need to do is refer 2 people to join who then buy a minimum $50.00 worth of YOcoin product each and you can earn income.

Getting started is easy - Click here to Join YOcoin - and fill out the form.

It's very easy to do or you can email me and I can register you from my office.

All you need to do is decide how many YOcoin you want to purchase and follow the simple instructions to fund your account.

To participate in the Affiliate Direct Sales program you need to get two preferred customers who purchase a minimum of $50.00 as well as having purchased $50 worth yourself and from there it starts to grow

The Third Opportunity

This will involve negotiating with national and international merchants so as to secure great bargains for YOcoin customers leveraging the communities buying power. There will also be incentives for getting businesses involved. 

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